Excellence in Editing Award


It takes a team to produce a well-written and well-edited book! And because the Christian Editor Connection wants to honor the teams behind such books, we are proud to announce our seventh annual Excellence in Editing Award.

This award celebrates newly released books that are superbly written, well edited, and published by a Christian publisher or self-published by a Christian author.

The CEC Excellence in Editing Award is open to books published in hardcover or paperback in 2021. Books must be written in English, have been released in North America, and contain a Christian worldview.

The publication teams (authors, editors, publishers) behind the EIE award-winning books will be honored for their dedication and work and may mention this award in their marketing, promotion, and publicity. The most valuable aspect of the award is its use as a book sales stimulator.

Judging will be based on organization of content, flow, clarity, tight writing, accuracy, consistency, lack of typos, and proper use of industry-standard guidelines for punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling. Our judging panel includes CEC members in good standing who are established, professional freelance editors currently working in the Christian publishing industry. (Editors will not be allowed to judge any books they have worked on or any books written by authors they have worked with.) Ghostwritten books are not eligible.


EIE Award Finalists will be announced in April 2022 on the CEC website and Facebook page. In addition to being named as Finalists, team members (author, editor, and publisher) will each receive a Finalist award emblem in recognition of their achievement and to use on the book and in their promotions.

EIE Award Winners will be announced live during the PEN Conference (PENCON) in May 2022, then via the CEC website and Facebook page. Winning team members will each receive printed certificates and digital EIE Winner emblems. Authors will get emblem stickers as well. CEC will recognize each of the winning authors and editors with an engraved plaque, and they may each select one of the following prizes from the Christian Editor Network:


Editors, authors, agents, and publishers may submit more than one book, but an entry fee is charged for each book entered. A pdf of the book must be submitted (not an e-book) along with a pdf or jpg of its front and back covers.

Do not send marketing kits, reviews, or other supporting material, as our judges are not allowed to see anything but the book itself.

By entering this contest, the author, agent, or publisher asserts that he or she agrees with the Statement of Faith on the Christian Editor Connection website.

All entries for the 2023 EIE Award must be received between June 1, 2022 and midnight, December 31, 2022. Complete the entry form to get started.